Wes Attaway, founder of Attaway Forensics, has been in the computer forensics field since successfully completing a course of instruction at the New Technologies Institute (NTI) in Portland, Oregon in 1998. He completed a second course at NTI in 2000. This was very early in the days of computer forensics. It was so long ago in computer-time that most hard drives were less than 1-Gb in size and the primary data backup medium was magnetic tape. The Internet was in its infancy, USB was a dream, the DOS file system was in general use and Windows 98 was the predominant consumer and small business operating system.

Of course, computer-time moves fast and by 2007 Wes handled a myriad of different types of digital cases ranging from criminal cases to domestic divorce squabbles.

Wes has a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from LSU (1962) and an MBA from Michigan State University (1963). While at Michigan State he wrote a program in the FORTRAN computer language, at the request of a professor who needed a program that would run on the school’s IBM mainframe computer. In 1959 Wes passed the test for an FCC First Class Radio Telephone license which qualified him to spend summers working as a TV station control room engineer. Wes was licensed as a ham radio operator in 1955 and currently holds the callsign N5WA.

After graduation Wes spent over 25-years in various media businesses, including owning and operating newspapers and printing plants in the Houston metro area and radio stations in various Southern states.   In 1993, after divesting the media properties, Wes started doing general computer consulting and network administration for individuals and small businesses during the era when the Internet suddenly became a world-changing reality.